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Singer/songwriter Sade Adu made a rare public appearance Monday evening to preview tracks from her group Sade’s upcoming album “Soldier of Love” in New York City.

“Looking as youthful as ever in a black, silk pant suit and her staple slicked-back ponytail,” according to, Adu revealed herself “to thrilled members of the media” in Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center.

“Soldier of Love,” Sade’s first collection of new material in almost ten years, is due Feb. 8, 2010 via Epic Records.  The set is produced by Sade along with the band’s friend and longtime collaborator Mike Pela. The band’s lineup remains virtually unchanged since its inception in 1983, and the songs on “Soldier” are written primarily by Adu, saxophone and guitar player Stuart Matthewman, bassist Paul Spencer Denman and keyboard player Andrew Hale.

Below is Billboard’s account of the new material heard Monday night.

“The Moon and the Sky” finds Adu declaring her devotion to her former lover, singing, “I pulled in all the stars and the moon/laid them on your feet till I gave you my love/you are the one that got me started/you could let me love anyone, but I only wanted you/why did you make me cry? Why didn’t you come get me one last time,” over choppy violins and simple drums.

The heartfelt “Morning Bird” is packed with strings, piano strokes and tambourine clatter, as Sade questions, “How could you? You are the river/I told this life, how could you/you are the morning day, you sang me into life/everyday, fly away, you are the blood of me/the heart of my dream.”

She commends a man’s fatherly instincts on “Baby Father” over a guitar and drums, while she shelters the love of her companion on “The Safest Place,” singing, “In my heart, your love has found the safest hiding place” over a piano-based production.

“Long Hard Road” has dramatic violins and “Be That Easy” is reminiscent of a country love song with guitars and whistles. Meanwhile, Sade sounds pained on “Bring Me Home,” with lyrics like, “I’ve cried for the lives I’ve lost/I feel so close but far away from God;” “In Another Time” is one of the album’s highlights, with a stunning violin arrangement and saxophones; and “Skin” features a delicate drum and bass beat.