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You may have heard that what women want in bed is a more sensual, unrushed foreplay. You may also know that they hate it when you just fall asleep after making love without cuddling and kissing, right? 

But do you know exactly what they want in between?

Whether you’ve been married for years or just in a new relationship, is never too late to discover what your partner wants in bed and the delicious difference between merely having sex and making love.

Yes, what women want in bed has to do with your ‘equipment’ and how well it works, of course – nobody can deny that – we’ll deal with it in a minute.

But before that, let’s take a look first at the other three things that women want in bed:

What Women Want in Bed: #1.

Okay, I know what you think now. That she wants you to get down on her… Perhaps. But more than that, there’s something else she wants in bed: hearing compliments.

Compliments are always good, except when they’re generic. “You are beautiful” or, “You are so sexy” won’t cut it for her – she will think you must have said these to a dozen of other women…

Instead, focus on specific details that will make her feel not only attractive to you, but special. For example, you can say, “I love your cheek dimples” or, “Your freckle is beautiful” or, “Your well-rounded ass drives me crazy!”

Also, speak with a you-focus. Instead of “That feels good”, say, “You make me feel good”. Instead of “I like that”, say, “I love the way you do that”. Subtle change, big difference.

“The word “you” sounds sexy to a woman because you’re referring to her as opposed to the act of sex. It’s very personal, and women love that”, says psychotherapist Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of “How to Please a Woman In and Out of Bed”.


What Women Want in Bed #2. Full-body Lovemaking

Want to be perceived as a great lover? Then you must do more than getting your pleasure and moving on.

For women, sex starts in their mind. So take the extra time to romance your woman with candles around the bed, soft music, sweet scents or even rose petals on the sheets – this will make her feel special, wanted and aroused.

Once you touch her, caress her entire body, not just her hardened nipples and the wet spot between her legs.

Before even touching these hot spots, take your time to fondle her in less obvious places, like her neck and behind the ears. Trace slow, circular waves along your partner’s most sensitive zones: her inner thighs, lower back and the palm of her hands.