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Rob from Day26 Called to Chat with AC of <a href=””>Radio One Detroit</a> to let us know his mixtape Swagnum is set to release on Tuesday July 6th. During the interview Rob spoke about his music video for “So Freaky/Simply the Best” off of the Swagnum Mixtape. This track and video is simply for the ladies and definitely shows Robs most inmate sides. Now it seems as though with Will dropping his mix tape, ‘Sextape’, and Rob dropping Swagnum that Day26 is over, in this interview Rob will confront these allegations and give us a deeper look into Swagnum.

You heard it here first! For those of you who would like to submit your tracks for Day26 to check out for their latest album hit up their manager at

Check out the clip below to see Day26 working in the studio with music producer Bryan-Michael Cox. A small snippet of a track is played. Cox and the group have collaborated numerous times on their first two albums. He produced “Are We In This Together,” “Since You’ve Been Gone,” “Don’t Fight the Feeling” and “Just Should’ve Told You” from their debut album. On their second album, “Forever in a Day,” he produced “Stadium Music” and “Babymaker” and co-produced “Need That.”

Check out “So Freaky/Simply the Best” off of the Swagnum Mixtape

Interestingly, the video title is “A New Day” Coming Soon!” and Brian refers to “A New Day.” It’s possible that this is the title for the third album, but that is unconfirmed at this point.


Photo Gallery of Rob’s Video off the Mixtape: