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INDIANAPOLIS — A conversation about the role of parents, police and the community is circulating after 10 young people were shot and one person was killed at a party over the weekend.

“If kids and parents were made more aware of the curfew, if parents were made aware of that if I don’t know where my kid is at a certain time I might get a knock at my door,” Kareem Hines, founder of New Breed of Youth (New B.O.Y.) said.

IMPD urged parents to stay vigilant about their kids’ social media use and asked for cooperation.

“No one deserves to die as 16 years old because they go to a party,” IMPD Deputy Chief Kendale Adams said.

Sentiments echoed throughout the city hours after the mass shooting at a Halloween party filled with young people.

“Parents, I have said this before. You’ve got to know where kids are at,” IMPD Chief Randall Taylor said.

IMPD said the unauthorized party was promoted over social media.

“This is just a reminder to parents that you need to be locked into what your children are doing on social media,” Adams said.

“You can be the best parent in the world, but it doesn’t come with a rule book. So, no matter what we do as parents, we can be helicopter parents we can’t monitor our kids’ every move,” Kareem said.

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