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Beyoncé For Peloton

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Beyoncé Has New Toilet Seats Flown Into Each Of Her ‘Renaissance World Tour’ Stops To Avoid Using The Same One Twice, Sources Say

I don’t know if this story is true but if I had Beyonce kind of money it would absolutely be true! According to reports, she requested that new toilet seats be delivered to each stop on her current “Renaissance World Tour” to avoid using any used ones. If you have seen some of these stadium toilets across the country then you would understand the request.



2004 American Music Awards press room

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Usher Says This Is The Hardest Thing He’s Ever Had To Do

Usher says the hardest thing he’s ever had to do is—be single! He said, “I don’t like to be alone. The idea of creating a life with someone is what I would like to do, maybe because I didn’t have or didn’t see that. And I get to remedy that idea by having an incredible partnership. I can then have the thing that I ultimately wanted to see. 



'Christmas In The City' Concert

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Patti LaBelle’s “Good Life” Comfort Food Brand Is Now Raking In Millions

Patti LaBelle’s Good Life food brand is a hit at Walmart and Target. Gross sales for her brand hit nearly $200 million last year, according to Forbes. She also has a royalty deal, meaning she takes home 10%. Her sweet potato pies and macaroni & cheese account for $85 million in sales alone, Forbes reported.



T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach Want To Get Engaged Following Affair Scandal

According to a source, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are in a good place and want to get engaged. The source said, “They’re in a good place. They’re moving on from all the negative around the affair and looking toward the future together.” Just a thought—they both have divorces to pay for and no job, how are y’all planning on getting married?