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Bed Bath & Beyond store sign, Queens, New York

Source: UCG / Getty

As the news of Bed Bath & Beyond’s closure spreads, loyal customers are scrambling to make their final purchases and say goodbye to a beloved retailer. For many, the end of the store’s 360-location empire comes as a shock, as they’ve relied on the store’s vast selection of household goods and furnishings for years.

But as the reality of the closure sinks in, customers are also facing another sad truth: their coupons are set to expire on Wednesday, April 26th – leaving them with just a few more days to take advantage of the store’s famous discounts.

For some, the timing of the closure and coupon expiration is seen as a cruel irony, a final insult to injury as they say goodbye to a store that was once a shopping staple. Others are taking advantage of the opportunity to stock up on essentials and splurge on items they may not have purchased otherwise.