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Trevor Dahl was involved in a November 17th road rage shooting that occurred outside of a Meijer near East 96th Street and North by Northeast Boulevard at around 9 pm. The victim, Daniel Alejo stated that Trevor was blocking the entrance as he tried to enter the Meijer parking lot. He honked his horn and then made his way around Trevor’s car. Trevor then followed him, and cut him off in the parking lot. Alejo felt the need to leave the scene due to the constant threat. While driving on 96th street, both a witness and a victim said they saw Trevor pull up to Alejo and fire several shots. He then escaped the scene as Alejp’s car crashed into another vehicle and came to a stop.

Three days earlier, on November 14th police responded to a road rage incident at Reggies Motor Works. A man driving a truck was entering the shop’s parking lot to salt the lot. The victim stated that he saw Trevors Dahls’s car speeding up behind him. The man reported that Trevor yelled out something like, “I’ll f*****g kill you.” He then waved a gun out the window and fired a shot into the air and then sped off.

Combining evidence from the two different occasions allowed Noblesville police to identify Trevor Dahl as a suspect.

Later, on February 27th, an informant told a sheriff’s deputy of Hamilton County that Dahl gave them letters identifying a woman and a minor and wanted them both to be killed. He gave a description of the two, addresses, car information, etc. He wanted both of them killed by March 13th, in time for his trial. He spoke to undercover police on the phone posing as a hitman. When asked which victim he wanted to be killed first, using “bathroom” in reference to the minor and “bedroom” in reference to the adult, he responded, “Probably the bedroom. They’re both equally important, but probably the bedroom and that’s probably gonna be the easier one.”

Trevor Dahl is currently held on a $1 million dollar bond.