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Chinese spy balloon

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The Chinese spy balloon that was shot down last week has been confirmed to contain technology that monitors communication signals. The Biden administration came to this conclusion after further investigation was done on the balloon itself.

A senior State Department official stated the balloon “was capable of conducting signals intelligence collection operations” and was part of a fleet that had flown over “more than 40 countries and across five continents.”

The Pentagon stated that it does not give China capabilities above and beyond what they already have from spy satellites or other things.

The balloon was first spotted drifting over Alaska on January 28th. At the time, there was no threat since it was nowhere near sensitive sites. However, this all changed when the balloon began drifting over the lower 48 states.

Bold Move From China

According to the State Department official, the balloon was part of a Chinese fleet that was created to conduct surveillance operations. It was linked to China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). U.S. officials have called this a “violation of US sovereignty and international law.” They went on to say the U.S. “will also explore taking action against PRC entities linked to the PLA that supported the balloons’ incursion into U.S. airspace.”

China stated that the balloon was simply a “weather balloon” and that there was no threat. However, U.S. officials stated, ” the high-altitude balloons’ equipment was clearly for intelligence surveillance and inconsistent with the equipment onboard weather balloons.”

The Biden Administration is looking to avoid tensions after this balloon conflict but China has not responded in the best way after refusing a call with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Do you think tensions will increase with China?



U.S. Concerned About Chinese Balloon 

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