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Beretta handgun for hire

Source: Peter Dazeley / Getty

BEECH GROVE — Days after a toddler was seen on video waving around a loaded handgun, a gun store owner says there are ways to keep your kids safe around firearms.

“The scenario could have escalated in matters that God only hopes never happens,” Garrison Burge, the owner of Beech Grove Firearms, said.

According to a police report, the 9 milli-meter handgun contained 15 rounds of ammunition but no bullet was in the chamber.

Cable locks and trigger locks are two of the options. Burge, a father of two, says he never keeps his gun loaded.

“Without having a loaded magazine, it’s like a car with no gas,” Burge said.

In Indianapolis, gun owners can go to any public library and get a gun lock. It’s an offering that was spearheaded by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office back in 2014.

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