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Certified hitmaker and auto tune crooner T-Pain is literally putting his career on the line with his recent statements. He has stated in a recent interview. “Artist shouldn’t put out albums this year unless they are Susan Boyle or Miley Cyrus, cause albums ain’t selling right now”

Now its so funny that statements like this are coming out during a month where Drake and Eminem will drop and are both projected to go Gold or Better during the first week of Sales. It also comes at a time where I was having a conversation about T-Pain and his musical ability and I was told he was a musical genius and every song he has ever made was a certified hit…That’s a whole other story though.

My question is why would a man who obviously has star power and a current Gold single out (All I Do Is Win with DJ Khaled) be so vocal about not putting out an album? Is it because of the mild success of Three Rings? Has the Auto tune ship finally sunk? Is his content truly only alcohol and strippers and he feels that won’t work the 4th time around? Speculation definitely mounts in my mind right now.

Now one thing that everyone should agree on is that T-Pain’s star isn’t as bright as it was as 2007-2008 when he was virtually on every song you heard that was mediocre or better. I mean who can honestly say that “Take Your Shirt Off” is worth listening too 3 times? However is that really on him or is it on the executives or fans which seems to be his stance.

Overall my feeling is this. T-Pain and every other artist who has had the opportunity to be successful over the last 5 or so years has an opportunity to prove it wasn’t a fluke. Instead of saying don’t drop an album say I plan on dropping a classic. If music is your job and you have to record to eat then Not Dropping should be the last thing on your mind.

Comments like this will make people question his “hit making ability”. Kanye West, T.I and Eminem will all drop this year. If all these guys and Drake do Gold or better than what will be the next artist excuse?

Let me know something…