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Step 1

Give him a gift he will love.

Give the man in your life a gift that he will love for Father’s Day. Be mindful not to give him the same gift that you gave him last year. Most of us get in the habit of giving the same gift every year such as socks, ties, or cologne. In order to ensure that your man feels loved on Father’s Day ask him what he wants prior to Father’s Day, then purchase one of the items that he tells you he wants. There is nothing worse than giving a man a gift that he does not want.

  • Step 2

    Be creative.

    Ladies you might decide to purchase your man tickets to a concert or a sporting event that you know he will love or you might pay for him to play a round of golf with his friends for the day. You might decide to treat him to a spa for a day if he likes to be pampered or perhaps you could give him the space and freedom he wants to enjoy the day in whatever way he chooses.

  • Step 3

    Be mindful.

    Be mindful that this is the your man’s day. Don’t try to solve any problems or get him to do something that you want to do. This is his day to enjoy in whatever way that he sees fit. If he decides to share this day with you then great. If not, don’t take it personal.

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