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by yeahshesaidit

Ladies, how many times have you been having an intimate moment with your guy and he decides to ruin the moment by saying something that he thought would be a turn on for you but actually had the opposite effect? You think “God I wish he would just shut up” and “Do I tell him that this is disturbing and even grossing me out?” Some women ignore the act because they do not want to embarrass the guy. While others like myself take out their list and let it be known. Feel free to add on.

1. Call Me Daddy

Daddy, Big Daddy, Big Poppa, Daddy Longstroke or any other variations of this line is very cliché’. It is 2010. It is time to come up with something more unique.  Also most women do not want to think about their father or a father figure during sex. Shudders….

2. Another Woman’s Name

This one is self explanatory.  If you are having sex with me then we want you be thinking of us only. Not your ex girl friend.

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3. Can You Feel It?

If you have to ask her if she can feel you then that in itself is a turn off. Have confidence in your own sexual abilities. Confidence is a turn on for women (notice I said confidence and not arrogance). If you are unsure of your sexual prowess then that will undoubtedly ruin the mood. A woman does not want to spend the entire time during sex massaging your ego. How can she focus on getting hers if she has to constantly fuss over you?

4. Tell Me I’m Your Best

Don’t ask a woman to tell you if you are her best. If you are you will know it because she will let you know. If the sex is that awesome then she will not be able to deny it.  Besides, if you are not her best do you REALLY want to hear her say it during sex? No, you do not. If you are that great, she will brag about you herself.

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5. Let Me Just Stick The Head In (with no rubber)

It is 2010 and HIV, other diseases and unwanted pregnancies are a huge part of our reality. The nerve of someone even asking you this is juvenile. In fact this question is something that high school boys tried on us during a heavy make out session… We are over it.

6. This Usually Doesn’t Happen To Me

We do not believe you. Why? Because chances are it has happened to you before. Even if it has, we know that your pride will not let you admit it to us. So why bother even telling us that line? Sidenote: The line where you attempt to blame our loving being so good as the reason why you cannot perform is also lame. It does not compliment us. It only adds to the annoyance because now you are making more excuses instead of just accepting it.

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