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INDIANAPOLIS — Its Spring in Indiana, so potholes are to be expected. But this year, Hoosiers seem a little extra annoyed.

City-County Councilor Jared Evans posted on Facebook Friday morning saying he has received multiple complaints just in the last two days about potholes on Morris Street by the airport.

John Story works in Evans’ district and appreciates the councilor’s efforts.

“I drive here every day, and if you come right out here, and we got potholes a car could fall in,” Story said.

Even tourists are starting to notice.

Bob Finchum grew up in Indy, but now lives in California. He and his wife, Theresa Finchum, are in town visiting family. They’re worried about hitting a pothole and ruining their rental car.

“We’re visiting from California, leaving on Sunday,” Theresa Finchum said. “I love Indianapolis, it’s really beautiful, as they say, ‘God’s country.’ But I noticed that there’s a lot of potholes. More than California. I was in shock to see all the potholes.”

“Not only does it mess up your tire, your front end, but it can cause an accident also and lose control of your vehicle and hit someone else. It would be devastating,” Bob Finchum said.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining the roads. Right now, the department is short-staffed with nearly 100 open positions.

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