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It’s the end of an era. Maury, the syndicated talk show hosted by Maury Povich for over 30 years, had been canceled.

Deadline reports that NBCUniversal will cease production at the end of the current season, with Povich set to retire. Original episodes are scheduled to air through September, and reruns will continue in syndication.

Originally titled The Maury Povich Show, it premiered back in 1991. The show covered a variety of subjects like teenaged runaways, domestic violence, bullying and other salacious topics. But Maury (as it became officially known in 1998) became a pop culture sensation thanks to the paternity test episodes. Viewers would wait for Maury to say “You are (or, are not) the father,” which became a catchphrase. The lie detector shows also offered plenty of entertainment fodder.

This is where we also remind you that De La Soul featured Maury Povich in their video for “Stakes Is High.”

And if you’re of a certain age, you may remember Povich, 83, as the former host of A Current Affair.

Thirty years is a lot of people running to the back of the studio like track stars after learning that paternity test didn’t go the way they expected.


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