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PLAINFIELD — A woman says she prayed a baby was safe after she found the truck connected to a kidnapping outside her window.

After police were notified of the kidnapping around 6:30 a.m. at a Plainfield gas station, an Amber Alert and messages on social media were sent out. It was those messages that Danyelle Massing says helped her eventually find the stolen truck.

Massing lives about 12 miles away from the gas station where the truck was stolen.

“And I happened to be looking out my window from my couch, and I’m staring at a white truck,” Massing said. “So I had to google, I typed in 2014 white Silverado and my mouth dropped. There’s no way this is this.”

Massing said the windows were tinted and she couldn’t tell if anyone was inside the truck, but the license plates matched.

“My heart sunk and I was like ‘Ok I gotta call,’” Massing said. “And then I just went in my house and prayed that she was alive and ok.”

She watched through the windows as officers recovered baby Kinsley and reunited her with her parents.

“I have a five-year-old, so if she ever went missing, I would be going crazy and looking out for her,” Massing said. “If you see something say something.”