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President Trump says the November election will be the most corrupt election in U.S. history. At a rally in Arizona, Trump railed against mail-in ballots, which he said will lead to widespread fraud. He said Democrats are using the coronavirus as an excuse to send out millions of mail-in ballots that could be stolen and forged. Trump said Americans can safely go to the polls to cast their ballots during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (But if you live in Georgia and Kentucky, voting might be ‘a little’ difficult)

Trump is also predicting chaos will ensue if Joe Biden is elected in November. He pointed to what he called “bedlam” in Seattle, where protesters have taken over a part of the city. The President said that sort of thing is coming to cities across the country if Democrats are put in charge. He claimed that the most dangerous cities in the US are run by Democrats and that some have murder rates that outpace El Salvador and Afghanistan.

What is he and the rest of the Republican Party sooo worried about when it comes to mail-in ballots if it happens to be the way to go? He and the First Lady sent in an mail-in ballot in Florida back in March, it wasn’t a problem then.