Supermarket Trolley, Point of View shot. Wide angle.

Source: John Lamb / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — A grocery store in Indianapolis is hoping to be an example to others looking to help increase access to healthy food in the city.

Back in June, Cleo’s Bodega, Grocery opened up on the near northwest side of Indy. The opening was made possible by a $400,00 block grant from the City of Indianapolis. It brought a grocery store to what was the one of the city’s biggest food deserts.

Brandon Cosby, executive director at Flanner House and one of the people behind Cleo’s Bodega, says the conversation around access to food shouldn’t be political.

“You have residents in this large city that can’t gain access to sustainable, affordable produce,” Cosby said. “That should not be a political conversation, that’s a moral conversation.”

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