When They See Us

Source: Xilla Valentine / GlobalGrind

Former New York police officer Eric Reynolds who arrested 2 of The Exonerated Five in Central Park back in 1989 has reared his head.  After watching ‘When They See Us’ Eric Reynolds says the film is a blatant lie.  And to this day he believes that these men are guilty.

According to Eric Reynolds, Matais Reyes the confessed serial rapists, the only reason Reyes confessed was because he was put into general population and because he was a rapist he was trying to protect his own life from other prisoners.  Plus he also talks about why none of the five’s DNA was on the jogger and how he allegedly knows none of the five’s confessions were coerced.

If you thought ‘When They See Us’ was hard to watch this here is just as hard, take a look below.

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