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Relationship tips for single women

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#1 Don’t think so much! When you’re single, it’s easy to get caught up in thoughts and wonder why you aren’t finding the right person, when so many of your friends are happily dating or married.

#2 Give him some control. Don’t be afraid to let a guy take care of you now and then. For a guy, nothing makes him feel more like a man than when he believes he’s taking care of you.

#3 Don’t compare. Never go looking for your old relationship in a new one, and don’t go looking for your ex’s qualities in your present lover.

#4 Don’t be a drama queen.

#5 If it’s not working, leave it!

#6 Never underestimate the freedom of being single.

#7 Be positive.

#8 Be stress free.

#9 Open yourself to the world.

Source LovePanky