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A University of Hartford student was the victim of bullying and cruel treatment by her White roommate in her first semester of college.

From the beginning of the semester, Freshman Chennel Rowe had a bad feeling about her roommate. “I kind of felt unwanted and she was giving off vibes,” explained Rowe to Fox 61 news.

On October 17, 2017, Rowe began moving out of their room and ran into her roommate. Her roommate asked if she was moving out and Rowe replied “yup”.

Immediately after their exchange Rowe says her roommate got on her phone and started texting. A few minutes later Rowe was approached by her RA who notified her of social media post made by her ex-roommate about trying to get her to leave.

Her roommate engaged in horrible things like, “rubbing bloody tampons on my things, so like she posted pictures of my Steve Madden bag that I had been sleeping next to the whole time on my bed with blood stains on it.”

Rowe’s ex-roommate even posted a video of herself opening a bottle of her coconut oil. “She got me out of the room after a month of spitting in my coconut oil, putting my toothbrush in places the sun doesn’t shine, putting mold clam dip in my lotion,” explained Rowe.

Rowe took action and reported the incidences to Public safety where West Hartford police became a part of the investigation. Soon after a police report was filed.

Rowe recalls the University telling her that there was a chance she may or may not hear back about the incident.

The following day on October 18, 2017, Rowe was asked to sign a “no contract agreement” which meant she would have no communication with her ex-roommate. The University threatened to remove Rowe from campus if she was found talking about the incident.

Angry about how her situation was handled, Rowe went to social media in a Facebook Live stream on Monday, October 30, 2017. Her story went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

The University of Hartford released a statement saying that the ex-roommate has been arrested and will go through proper legal processes moving forward.

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(Source: Fox 61)

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