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Thanks for joining us tonight and welcome to another exciting week of Love And R&B! Tonight it’s all about the #SundayNightClassics as we put on some jewels you probably haven’t heard in a while. TUNE IN NOW!! The call in number is 844-258-8762 so don’t be shy about making your song requests and dedications. We’d also like to get your take on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

James 32 and Kay 33 live together and have been engaged for 6 months. He admits that he was a bit of a ladies man before he got with Kay but now he’s only focused on her. Earlier this month Kay said she was fine with James going to his school’s homecoming festivities with the boys since she had to work. While there, James is pretty certain he saw Kay’s car circling the hotel’s parking lot where he was staying. She denies checking up on him.

James feels like Kay was spying on him and should have been honest about not trusting him. Since he is certain he saw the car and Kay says she wasn’t there, James is wondering if this is going to lead to trust problems in their relationship. What advice would you offer this couple?

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