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The San Francisco Police Department is in the spotlight again for texts between officers that appear to mock the public outcry from a previous scandal where officers were accused of sending racist texts. Da Lin reports. (3/31/16)

Another group of officers from the San Francisco Police Department are under fire for exchanging messages containing the n-word and other racist language in regards to a recent criminal investigation.

Several officers are currently being investigated for their derogatory comments against the LGBT community, as well as their repeated use of the n-word in text messages, SF Gate reports. It hasn’t yet been confirmed if the messages were sent during work hours, but they were sent on the officers’ personal mobile devices.

District Attorney George Gascón said the messages were in regards to the recent sexual assault case involving former officer Jason Lai. Last week, Lai was charged with six misdemeanor counts of misusing police databases, but law enforcement couldn’t find sufficient evidence to support the rape charge against him. During investigation of the officer’s behavior, the messages were recovered.

They haven’t been released to the public. So far, two of the officers have left the force, four have been suspended, and another is facing ramifications for the messages. Police Chief Greg Suhr said they worked quickly to punish the offenders.

Via SF Gate:

“As with any big organization, you’re going to have people who are not as you would have them be,” Suhr said. “As soon as I found out about it, I took swift action. I think all the honorable men and women who serve this department know I give no quarter to this kind of thing.

“The message from the top has been clear,” Suhr said. “This level of intolerance will not be tolerated.”

This is not the first time the San Francisco Police have come under scrutiny for their prejudiced language, points out the site:

The messages are separate from a batch of bigoted texts that were allegedly exchanged in 2012 among 14 additional officers, which emerged last year and contributed to Gascón’s creation of a blue-ribbon panel to investigate systemic bias in the police force.

The earlier messages were discovered by federal authorities looking into allegations that plainclothes San Francisco officers divvied up money found during searches of drug dealers. Those messages — containing racist and antigay remarks calling black people “monkeys” and encouraging the killing of “half-breeds” — forced prosecutors to re-evaluate thousands of cases handled by those officers and dismiss 13.

Gascón later added that not all SFPD officers are guilty of racist behavior, but he believes the officers involved have tarnished the reputation of the entire force.



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