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Everyone always has an agenda on Scandal, and tonight’s episode is no different. Papa Pope has allegedly retired, Jake is dating someone new, Cyrus has a potential presidential candidate in mind, Abby is trying to protect Fitz from himself, and Susan is becoming a formidable contender in the race for president. Let’s dive in!

The episode opens with Fitz and his new plaything having sex in the back seat of his car. This is stressing Abby out because he has been having lots of reckless sex with this woman in question, aka the groupie journalist who pushed up on him in last week’s episode. Abby knows that this woman can’t be trusted and wants Fitz to at least allow the secret service to sweep all traces of his DNA after every tryst. Since Fitz is basically an overgrown petulant child, he threatens to fire Abby if she comes at him like that again. But Red isn’t easily swayed, especially since she wants to win as the new Cyrus.

David Rosen was successful in convincing Susan to run for president, but now he’s going to have to continue playing the role of the interested suitor. Susan invited David over for dinner to celebrate announcing her run, and she emphasized that she will have the house to herself. David downplayed it to Elizabeth, though, probably because he actually has a conscience, but also because he might be catching feelings. This looks like the makings of a new scandalous love triangle (no pun intended).

Meanwhile, Cyrus is plotting on a man that he wants to mold into the next president. That man would be the governor of Pennsylvania, who at the moment is not a nationwide celebrity. But with Cyrus’ machinations at play, that’s about to change. Cyrus orchestrated an elaborate scheme where one of the secret service agents, formerly of B613, convinced some poor shmuck to storm the Pennsylvania State Capitol and threaten to shoot the governor. This is part of a larger plan to make the governor look like the hero, which works. The governor not only convinces the gunman to let release the other hostages, but he tackles the gunman after getting shot (obviously not fatally), and now everyone will know Francisco Vargas’ name. Game on.

Meanwhile, Olivia is trying to convince Huck not to kill her father because she actually believes that he’s serious about this retirement thing.


Liv is also disturbed to find out that Jake is seeing someone new. He promises that she has “nothing to worry about,” but like…we know who we’re dealing with here.

As the episode winds down, there’s a major win for Abby. She finally ends up on a first name basis with Fitz, and convinces him to let her in so that she can protect him as best she can. With no support from Cyrus, who has his own plans with other people, she’s on her own.

David Rosen ended up sleeping with Susan. Elizabeth knew about it, but what she wasn’t expecting for David to rush her off the phone because he was still in bed with Susan. For Elizabeth this is business. For David, it was business at first…but ish is getting real.

The episode ends with Governor Vargas stopping by the White House for a meet and greet. Vargas doesn’t know Cyrus yet, but it’s coming. Last, but not least, Olivia’s convinces the gladiators to spy on Jake. This is twofold, she’s jealous, but she also suspects that Jake is up to something.


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