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Los Angeles County prosecutors will not be pressing charges in two alleged sexual assault cases against Bill Cosby. One woman alleged that Cosby had raped her when she was 17-years-old which was in 1965.

In 2015, the district attorney also rejected another case presented to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) that Cosby had allegedly raped a woman in 1974.

Rape charges in Los Angeles have a ten year statute of limitations while other types of sexual assault have a six year statue.

Former model, Chloe Goins also had her case rejected. She claims that in 2008, Cosby drugged her drink during a party at the Playboy mansion. When she awoke, Goins said that her pants were pull down to her ankles, her body was moist and Cosby was nippling on her toes while masturbating.

She claimed to have two witnesses that would corroborate her story but according to the court documents, the women that Goins referred said they had no knowledge of the incident.

Goins was also uncertain of the exact date of the event that she attended with Cosby but she knew it was in the summer. Investigators were able to confirm that Cosby had not been in the state during the time of the alleged assault.

In the case of Goins vs. Cosby, the courts have since ruled that “there is insufficient evidence to prove these crimes beyond a reasonable doubt.”

While the dismissal of these two cases may appear to be a win for Cosby’s legal team, the defamed 78-year-old comedian isn’t out of the woods just yet. He still has the looming sexual assault charge from Andrea Constand dating back to 2004. He recently turned himself in and was released after posting $1 million bond.


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