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Sam's Clubs To Cut 10 Percent Of Workforce

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White People Boycott Sam’s Club After Black CEO Calls For More Diversity 

During an interview, the first and only African American woman CEO of Sam’s Club, Rosalind Brewer, shared the importance of diversity the company. “It has to start with top leadership. My executive team is very diverse and I make that a priority. I demand it within my team.” She went on to say that one of the companies suppliers has a team of all white men and she was “going to place a call to him” about not having any people of color or women in high ranking positions. “Black female CEO is Anti-White. Let’s get her fired: #BoycottRacistSamsClub” tweeted @_AltRight_  Similar comments suggesting that Brewer was “racist” and was promoting “reverse racism” (which isn’t real) flooded the company’s social media platforms. The CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon has since come to Brewer’s rescue by releasing the statement, “Roz was simply trying to reiterate that we believe diverse and inclusive teams make for a stronger business. That’s all there is to it and I support that important ideal.” [Huffington Post]

New Orleans Mayor Wants To Remove Odes To Confederacy From The City 

Following the fatal shooting of nine parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the displaying of the confederate flag made national headlines. New Orleans Mayor, Mitch Landrieu as well as the city council want the various sentiments of slavery removed from the city. This includes a 16-foot statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Geographers have identified nearly 1000 parks, schools, streets and other locations named for major Confederate leaders in 44 states which doesn’t include thousand of statues, monuments and plaques associated with Confederate leaders. New Orleans politicians are ready to change the landscape of the city. “Supremacy may be a part of our past, but it should not be part of our future,” said Mayor Landrieu. [The Times Picayune]

Christian College Professor Placed On Leave For Wearing A Hijab

In light of current events which have associated the Muslim religion with terrorism, Wheaton College professor Larycia Hawkins wanted to publicly “stand in solidarity with her Muslim sisters.” She was planning to wear the traditional Muslim hijab for one day but several days later, she decided she would continue to wear it throughout Advent (Christian countdown in preparation for Christmas) She has since been placed on administrative leave. However, in a statement from the evangelical Christian institution, they’ve said it’s not for the scarf but rather her views on religion. Hawkins said on her social media that she believes Muslims and Christians share the same God. The school has released a statement that basically says it will not tolerate views that contradict Christianity. “It is essential that faculty and staff engage in and speak about public issues in ways that faithfully represent the College’s evangelical Statement of Faith” said the reprimand written by Wheaton’s president, Philip G. Ryken. [The New York Times]

Civil Rights Groups Sue North Carolina Over Voter Registration Restrictions 

In 1993, former President Bill Clinton signed the National Voter Registration Act also known as the “motor voter law” which says the DMV (department of motor vehicles), public assistance agencies as well as disability and military recruiting offices have to facilitate voter registration. A coalition of voting organizations have sued North Carolina for not adequately overseeing these venues following a drastic decline in voter registration. The suit also says that the state has failed to follow through with process of updating the addresses of residents who move and attempt to vote in other counties and are denied. The state Board of Elections (SBOE) has responded to the lawsuit that the lower registration numbers were a result of a technical error where local offices were printing registration forms from the SBOE website, rather than using forms coded for public assistance agencies. In terms of residents having their change of address not recognized when attempting to vote, the SBOE says a new online portal will be available in January. [The Huffington Post]

Residents Of Trump Towers Want His Name Off The Building 

One could assume that anything associated with Donald Trump’s name would get added fanfare because of his controversial presidential campaign. After a plethora of egregious comments regarding Mexicans, African Americans and Muslims, residents of two Trump complexes are embarrassed by their association to the billionaire. A petition is circulating around a Palm Beach condominium requesting that the “Trump Plaza” be renamed to “The Plaza” which was the original intent of the buildings developer who was financially unable to maintain the property. Trump eventually brought the foreclosed building for $40 million. The mayor of Vancouver as well as the city councilor in Toronto have also expressed interest in wanting to remove Trump’s name from towers in their cities. [Page Six]


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