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If you’re looking for turkey-cooking tips this Thanksgiving, the Butterball Hotline is available again this year.  Nicole Johnson, who’s been working the hotline since 2001, says they’ve come along way since getting started back in 1980 with just five women.

The hotline is available to anyone who has any turkey-related questions or emergencies.  Thawing a turkey takes 24 hours in your refrigerator for every four pounds, but the cold-water bath method takes one-half-hour-per-pound.  Also, you know your turkey’s done if a meat thermometer says it’s up to 180-degrees in deep thigh muscles, 170-degrees in the breast and 165-degrees in the stuffing.  The hotline is still available at 1-800-288-8372, and it’s also online at or on Facebook and Twitter with live chats, how-to videos and tutorials on cooking turkey.

Happy Cooking!