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This episode of LHHH is primarily all about love—love lost, and love unrequited, to be exact.

Cut to Fizz and Moniece bonding at Fizz’s video shoot. Remember how Nikki turned Fizz down for a starring role in his video? So, yeah, he asks Moniece to star in the video as the back up, and she happily accepts. She also chooses this moment to tell Fizz that she’s starting to catch feelings for him again. Fizz, being the smart man that he is, declines (y’all know Mo-mo is kinda bat ish). He would rather remain friends because they’re currently in a better space. Moniece gets emotional about it, but she manages to pull herself together and hug it out with Fizz…just in time for Nikki to stop by. Moniece is elsewhere by the time Nikki arrives to surprise Fizz, so nothing crazy happens. However, just when you were starting to root for Fizz for being mature, he taps into his Chatty Patty side by telling Nikki what Moniece confessed. He really could have kept that to himself!

Meanwhile in Ray J Land, he’s all sad over losing Princess and tries to get her back. In an earlier conversation with Max, Ray reveals that he “went from being a 90% cheater to a 5% cheater.” So, in his mind this is why Princess should take him back (this negro deserves major side eye). Anyway, he goes to see her to cops his plea, and she’s smarter than we thought. She denies him because she really just wants to focus on her own emotional stability and her swimsuit line. Finally, a good relationship decision gets made. Hopefully she sticks to it (but she probably won’t, especially since there’s a rumor that they’re currently engaged).

Speaking of Princess’ swimsuit line, this brings us to the big fashion show. Hazel gets an “I’m on my way” text from Teairra Mari and decides to leave, which is dumb. Hazel claims she doesn’t want drama so it’s best to go…from the event that she planned. Milan tries to talk her out of it, but it doesn’t work. Eventually, Teairra shows up with her own models and walks down the runway like everything is cool, and like her blazers are actually cute. Surprisingly, no one pops off, but everyone feels some type of way about Tee Tee’s appearance.

Nikki and Milan try to be mature by confronting Teairra about her stunt. They explain that what she did was disrespectful, because Tee Tee needs it broken down like that, but Tee Tee’s side of the story is that she did what she did because she wanted to prove that she works best under pressure (but those blazers looked like they belonged in Rainbow, she could have kept that). This conversation goes nowhere fast though because Princess’ arrival throws off the balance since Moniece is already there to support Tee Tee. The conversation shifts from Teairra’s irrational and unprofessional behavior to Moniece and Princess going back and forth. We end with Princess throwing a drink on Moniece in retaliation from a few episodes ago.

No fists fly this time around, but this definitely isn’t over. See you next week.


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