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The Moment of Truth

It’s the moment of truth for Miles, when Amber arrives to their therapy session. It took him a minute to get his secret out, but he finally speaks his truth about having feelings for men. It hurts him to get his secret out because he was embarrassed about it, and it hurts Amber to hear it because she still wants to be with him. Amber then goes into a dramatic fit of hysteria where she runs out screaming, “Everybody was right,” and then flings herself to the ground. Miles tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He says he still loves her and still wants to keep her in his life.

Eventually, the therapist gets Amber to calm down and Amber reveals that she doesn’t hate him, but does have some questions about Milan. The meltdown was a bit much, but she is going home to cool off. Later on she tells her mom who looks at Amber like, “Duh,” because she knew this already. More tears are shed, probably more because Amber’s pride is hurt, and not about Mile’s sexuality. Mom consoles Amber and tells her that her life isn’t over.

Ray J and Teairra’s Drama Continues

Ray J meets up with Teairra at their usual spot, on top of a cliff, to get to the bottom of the drama between she and Princess. Teairra tells Ray that she was just looking out by snitching on Princess. Ray, in his confessional, knows what’s really up—Teairra still wants him. He starts going off on Teairra for sabotaging his relationship with Princess (even though he did a good deal of that himself). Teairra claims that she’s not into him anymore, and none of us are fooled. This conversation doesn’t go well, but they at least manage to part ways without Teairra assaulting Ray J.

Nia and Soulja Boy’s Drama Continues

We’ve long established that Nia and Soulja Boy don’t need to be together, but they insisted on meeting up again to chat about the Nas situation. Nia tells Soulja Boy that he needs to change. Soulja apologizes and basically tells her she shouldn’t be mad anymore because he apologized (for doing the same thing over and over again, though). He then tries to flip to script and make this her fault somehow because in his words, “She has THOT ass friends,” as if this point has anything to do with the tea in China. This whole conversation gets as stupid as you’d imagine. Eventually,Soulja Boy starts getting extra disrespectful before finally telling her to get out of his face. She obliges by walking out of the restaurant.

Brandi and Max Make Amends

Brandi and her husband Max get back together and seem to be smoothing things over. Brandi apologizes for being a nag. Max apologizes for acting like a jerk, not wearing his ring, and throwing his ring out. He goes the extra mile to show just how serious he is by getting them a new set of rings and all is forgiven. So… what’s the opposite of #RelationshipGoals because, this is that?

Nikki Defends Nia

Nikki goes to an event that Nas’ invites her to basically to ride for her friend Nia. Nikki tells Nas that she doesn’t respect her for getting in the way of Nia’s relationship with Soulja. This entire conversation gets really basic, really fast. Nas tells Nikki that she was Soulja’s girlfriend and that Nikki doesn’t know her facts. Nikki says it doesn’t matter that she may have been having sex with him, because Soulja publically acknowledges Nia. Let’s cut to the chase, this conversation doesn’t go well either and they eventually end up throwing drinks on each other before Nikki finally just leaves.

Miles Has A Few More Folks To Tell

Miles tells his big sisters that he has been dating Milan, and that he didn’t know how to tell them about his attraction to men. His sisters don’t take it well at first. They demand to know if he’s gay, and he retorts with, “Why can’t I just be a man who fell in love with a man?” which could actually mean that maybe he’s actually bisexual and likes men and women, but that’s none of my business. They then start to try to bring God into it, saying that they’re a family of morals, and insinuating that he has none. They start crying and being dramatic about wanting to see him with a wife and children. He reveals that he has wanted to kill himself at times and that he doesn’t know why he feels the way he feels, which is sad. This doesn’t look like it’s going to well, but then something miraculous happens. Miles’ sisters tell him that they’re going to support him.

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