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Sanaa Lathan brings all types of sexiness to the latest issue of UPSCALE Magazine. She talks about being a celebrity and bias treatments.

On her destiny to act:

“I was a toddler on Broadway, basically. My mom was in the original cast of The Wiz on Broadway. I was always around it, behind the scenes. My father is the first black director in TV. It gets no more in your face than that.”

On family ties in business:

“I’ve never worked with my father. A lot of people say that’s nepotism and part of the reason for my success.”

On being a “real celebrity”:

“I don’t feel like a celebrity until I’m doing interviews like this. I walk around in sweats. I’m not always hair and makeup ready, and I have real people around me. That’s the key. You can’t help but stay in pocket, because real people don’t tolerate anything else.”

On her next steps:

“I am moving into the behind-the-scenes aspect now. When you’ve been in the business so long, you say to yourself, “I know how to do this.” I know you can never say never, but I’ll never stop acting. I’ll just keep adding to what the word “performance” ultimately means to me.”