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Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson spoke openly about his relationship with Ciara in a recent Q&A with San Diego Pastor, Miles McPherson.  Wilson spoke about how they are both followers of Christ and they are practicing abstinence.

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Wilson says that when Ciara was on tour getting ready to go out on stage, he heard God speak to him.  Wilson says, “God spoke to me and said, ‘I need you to lead her.'” Wilson then says “I told her, ‘What would you do if we took all that “extra stuff” off the table, and just did it Jesus’ way?'”  Wilson says Ciara “completely agreed,” and he also clarified that yes, he was talking about sex.  Wilson explains, “If you can love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.”  A little later, Wilson jokes that he needs the congregation to pray for him  because “if there’s a 10, she’s a 15.”

You can check out the full Q&A below.  Wilson speaks on his relationship with Ciara around the 22:15 mark.



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