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You may remember Courtney Barnes from his appearance on the talent competition So You Think You Can Dance. The vibrant green-haired/green-nailed star is back and more entertaining than ever.

Courtney happened to be on the scene when a JPD patrol car was hit by a van being chased by a Jackson State University police officer. He was able to give a hilarious and flamboyant description of the events that occurred.

“What I seen was a horrible, tragic situation,” he told news reporters. “The officer got behind the man and started going so fast his car spinned out of control. Girl, he hit the pole.”

Then it got really interesting when he said, “Ma’am, I was actually going to buy me a piece of burger from Burger King and I just stopped right here in the middle because my hunger just went away.”

Someone please get him his own reality TV show asap!

Watch his first So You Think You Can Dance audition:

Here’s he is with his new signature “look”:


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