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In Living Color

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It was a Sunday evening, April 15, 1990 when the world was intoduced to the Wayans family with a show called ‘In Living Color’. “The show had the OMG they actually went there!!?” humor. Classic skits that everybody still laughs about to this day:

“The Homeboy Shopping Network”, with the catchphrase “Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!”

“Fire Marshal Bill”, featuring Carrey as an incompetent, dangerously inept fire marshal

“Men On Film”, featuring Damon Wayans and David Allen Grier as uncloseted homosexual black film critics with exaggerated physical motions, such as “Two snaps up”.

“Homey D. Clown”, featuring Damon Wayans verbally abusive clown doing demeaning entertainment gigs for low pay as part of his prison release program in which he always ends with “Homey Don’t Play That'”

“Benita Buttrell”, featuring Kim Wayans as an untrustworthy neighborhood gossip

Parodies of Arsenio Hall (who was popular on his own show at the time) by Keenan Ivory Wayans with the extra long index finger big butt and over exaggerated gestures.

“Calhoun Tubbs”, a blues singer (played by Grier) who sang extremely short songs (about 10 seconds each) at the slightest provocation

Needless to say, the show made stars out of Tommy Davidson, Damon Wayans,Jim Carrey,Jamie Foxx, Shawn and Marlon Wayans and even a couple of ‘Fly Girls’ went on to have successful careers like Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Ann Inaba (judge on ‘Dancing with the Stars’).Heavy D did the theme for the show and Rosie Perez was the Fly Girls choreographer.

In 2011, there was talk of a ‘In Living Color’ revival but it got cancelled because Keenen Ivory Wayans and Fox did not feel that the show was sustainable after one season. And rightfully so that it didn’t come back. We saw what happened with Arsenio Hall’s show, sometimes shows like ‘In Living Color’ was good for it’s time and it’s time only…you can always reminisce by catching it on cable or just buying the seasons on DVD. Happy 25th ‘In Living Color!’

What was your favorite moments of the show?


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