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Sherri Shepherd is on the TJMS every Thursday and there was a lot to talk about this week as usual, including her unusual preparation for the 2015 Fantastic Voyage setting sail from Miami, Florida on April 11th. 

On her weight-loss plan: 

 Shepherd is determined to get thinner for the cruise. She’s using a Chinese herbalist to help accelerate her weight loss which is a source of amusement to the TJMS crew for two reasons – losing weight is pointless before the cruise. And they’re wondering if the Chinese herbalist is credible.

“Y’all overthinking it,” Shepherd says. “He brings the herbs over from China, grounds it up into a powder and then you take them.” But Sherry says she’ll be fine because he’s celebrity approved. Ummm, OK.

On Black comedy audiences: 

J. Anthony Brown is headlining at The Punchline in Atlanta this weekend, which is sadly closing down. But Shepherd remembers playing four sold-out shows there and during one of them, a woman fainted.

“The paramedics came and I asked them if I should stop the show. And this lady screamed out ‘I paid all this money, you better keep going!’ Black people don’t play around. They moved that chair out of the way and kept laughing.”

On the SAE fraternity scandal: 

“You know you sing those at home,” Shepherd says. “Keep it at the house.” She pictures his parents saying ‘Now I got to go to work and look at all these people. Sing those N-word songs in the house!’

On the fake ‘Empire’ season finale:

Backstory: Sherri Shepherd tapes Soul Man for TV Land during the time that Empire is on and the TJMS fooled her into thinking that there was another episode that aired without notice. They told her Columbus Short was on the show.

“Lee Daniels is a genius. I’m sick, Shepherd said. “I’m just sick to my gut that I wasn’t there. That’s the spark of a great show that they can run it and not tell anybody.”

Sherri, you’ve been punk’d. We suggest that you get some Empire related alerts to your smartphone. The TJMS pulled off a good one on you. Listen HERE for the segment.

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