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Cookie questioned whether Andre’s bipolar diagnosis was something Rhonda had cooked up, saying that it was a “white people problem.” Rhonda revealed to her that Andre had his first psychotic break junior year in college, when he showed up at Lucious’ house after going on a massive shopping spree.

Malcolm confessed that he had fallen for Cookie, and they wasted no time in her office.

Andre gave Rhonda his proxy, told him to sign the paperwork, and told her to get the hell out.

Olivia and Reg pressed Vernon to tell them where Lola was.

Hakeem and Camilla debuted a new song for Lucious, Cookie, and Jamal. Later, Lucious asked Camilla how much money it would take to make her go away, and called Malcolm to come escort her to the airport.

Vernon showed up to Lucious’ house, twisted, just as they were about to sign the shares, with Olivia and Reg in tow.

While Olivia and Jamal talked in the corner, Reg became agitated and Jamal realized he was the “scary bird” Lola had been talking about. Reg pulled his gun as chaos erupted. In a heated moment with Reg holding his gun to Jamal’s head, Lucious blurted out that he was Lola’s father. He pleaded with Reg to shoot him instead of hurting his son, but Reg grabbed Cookie and put the gun to her head. Malcolm shot Reg.

The Lyon family said goodbye to Lola as Olivia took her so they could begin their new life.

Lucious finally got a chance to ask Cookie to marry him, and she turned him down, saying he was selfish and just didn’t want to die alone.

Cookie told Malcolm she wanted to be alone with him.

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