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Sherri Shepherd is in for a good time on her first Fantastic Voyage. Tom and the crew tell her what to expect onboard, including a 2 a.m. buffet and a performance by…Teddy Pendergrass?

Ummm, maybe not quite, but Prince, well, Purple Reign, the Prince impersonator, WILL be onboard. With a purple trenchcoat and all. If you remember, Sherri is a big Prince fan. When he came on The View, Shepherd memorable told the real Prince that she’s been in love with him all her life.

Sherri has been warned not to attempt any dieting beforehand. She’ll have to call it a ‘cheat week’ as temptations are everywhere all the time with restaurants open for 24 hours.

“I’m going to be partying with Mary Mary,” Shepherd says. “But in a Christian way.”If you haven’t booked it yet, click HERE.

In this week’s latest news, E! host Giuliana Rancic was gracefully checked by Zendaya Coleman after Rancic said the faux locs she wore to the Oscars smelled like patchouli and weed. But a Fox affiliate news anchor in Cleveland was suspended this week after she described Lady Gaga’s music as “jigaboo” music. Shepherd thinks that the anchor a beauty queen turned journalism major should have known better.

“Who don’t konw what jigaboo means? She had to have heard that somewhere,” Shepherd says. “And she used it correctly.”

The anchor was suspended for three days.

“See what happens when you’re cute and clear,” Shepherd says of the anchor’s short suspension. “I’d like her to go to Harlem and used that word, just scream it out in the street.”

“As for Rancic, I thought she was very sorry,” Shepherd says. “But here’s the thing – stay in your lane. If you listen to the clip, Kathy Griffin is the one who said she smelled like weed and Giuliana picked it up. But I believe she was sincere in her apology. But as a comic, you can say anything. I’m not apologizing, I’m just going to say I was trying to be funny.”

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