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Dear Tom,

My dad, Eric Thomas is a 39 year old Real Father, Real Man. The reason I know this is because he is one of very few men who raises his kids alone. Eric grew up in the worst area of Chicago, IL and when he was young he made bad choices.

Being young he started having kids and now he has five, four boys and one girl. Eric is raising four of his five kids as a single parent.

The road has not been easy and Eric has received little to no assistance from anyone let alone from the mother of his kids.

Eric goes to work every day to provide for his kids. He has done a complete 180 degree turnaround after he took full custody of his kids.

I would love for you to help him get a chance to see and spend time with his fifth son.  His mom moved him to another state and Eric has not seen him since he was five months old and now his son is 8 years old.

He has never traveled anywhere by plane so i think it would be nice if you could fly him to Arizona to meet his son.

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