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Apparently, for those of us who reside north of the Mason Dixon line, if you grow up in South Carolina you have to get used to some crazy nicknames. We may know soul singer Angie Stone by her given name, but her family back in South Carolina call her ‘Bucket.’

And the aunt that gave her the infectious name was called Coochie Gal! Stone was raised in Columbia, South Carolina, where the TJMS is hanging out today.

Stone was an only child, but her aunts and uncles had lot of children, so she says she grew up with tons of cousins and most of them could sing.

“Before I realized I could sing, I had cousins named Rhonda and Cynthia and they used to do the Supremes all the time. My cousin Deborah sings. It’s everywhere. All of us can sing.”

Another nickname Angie, born Angela Laverne Brown, was also called was Tiger Brown. “I developed a reputation at one time for fighting, because if you hit me I knew I had to fight back because I knew I was going to get my butt whipped when I got home.”

All this and much more about her family’s nicknames when you listen above!

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