The Painted Pilgrim Book Cover

I caught up with author and animal photographer Dale Ryan regarding her new children’s book, The Painted Pilgrim. In it, she discusses the dog adoption process, the importance of taking care of our four-legged friends regardless of their breed, shortcomings or complexities and showing them some love–because they do love us. It’s an interview about the fuzziest of relationships and one pink dog named Pellegrino who needs a world of love and acceptance expanded beyond the shelter. We also shine a light on how Indianapolis is doing with local pooches and discuss resources here that you can utilize if adopting is right for you and/or your family. On this weekend of L-O-V-E, you may be inspired to share this with your children and teach them some wonderful lessons, or grab a great read that transcends for yourself.

Click the media player below to listen to our conversation about this new book and the unconditional love of our fuzzy friends.

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