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In the wake of execution-style murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn, the Rev. Al Sharpton claims that he has received death threats.

Sharpton, appearing alongside the wife and mother of Eric Garner, played a threatening voicemail for reporters Sunday.

“Hey n—-r, stop killing innocent people, I’m going to get you!” according to the barely audible recording.

Sharpton also addressed police union leaders who blamed Mayor de Blasio for allegedly inciting violence against cops.

“To blame the mayor and others is not what we need,” Sharpton said. “The blame game will only lead to further kinds of venom and further division.”

Sharpton urged protesters and police critics to remain peaceful.

“If we go into an area where it’s eye for an eye, then it is only a matter of who can out pluck eyes rather than who can make the system fair for everybody,” he said. “We have in every rally and march … been very clear in stressing of nonviolence. We even would stop rhetoric that was wrong.”

Garner’s mom, Gwen Carr, and wife Esaw Garner rejected any link between the protests they’ve led and Saturday’s tragedy in Brooklyn.

“Anyone that is standing beside us, we want you to not use Eric Garner’s name for violence because we are not about that,” Carr said.

“These two police officers lost their lives senselessly, and our condolence (are) with the family, and we stand with the family.”

Esaw Garner added:

“My husband was not a violent man, and we don’t want any violence connected to his name, thank you.”

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