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Adult Swim’s animated series, Black Dynamite is delving head on into shining a spotlight on police brutality. The network announced plans to release the hour-long movie special, The Wizard of Watts. The film will focus on the titled character and his crew through the 1970s Richard Nixon while they protect their city from, Bill Cosby, ninjas and a young Michael Jackson.  Tyler the Creator and Erykah Badu make special appearances in the flick alongside comic J.B. Smooth. According to Adult Swim’s press release:

The musical special will follow Black Dynamite as he attempts to take a one-day vacation from protecting The Community, and all hell breaks loose. The Man rears his menacing head when police begin patrolling the streets, and a riot pops off. A brick to the head sends Black Dynamite hallucinating into the Magical Land of Oz-Watts, where the Rodney Munchkings are being terrorized by a vicious battalion of pigs and everyone needs Black Dynamite’s help. Between getting Scarecorn some game, Lionhorn a muzzle and Tin Bee a set of balls, he has to bring down the Pig Chief, The Wicked Bitch of the West Side and reach the Great and Powerful Motherf@$%er’s palace, or he’ll never get home. With trippy, technicolor animation, original musical numbers and a topical take on police brutality, BLACK DYNAMITE presents its most ambitious adventure yet.

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Carl Jones co-writer and director of the upcoming project stated:

As a comedy writer, I feel it’s my job to make people laugh while using constructive social criticism to evoke thought and inspire dialogue.

Black Dynamite airs Jan.10th at 10:30 PM EST on Adult Swim.


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