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ABC's "The Chew" - Season Three

Carla Hall from “The Chew” has finally reached her goal to open her very own southern kitchen. The ABC co-host plan was to raise $250,000 through kickstarter and she ended up making more than her actual goal which added up to be $264,703. Hall explain that she does have other private  investors and business partners that are planning to raise millions for the restaurant but she still took another financial route by using kickstarter, which is a new way to collect funds.

On using Kickstarter:

“It’s like you’re not in it by yourself,” she says of using Kickstarter. “It’s one thing to have partners, but it’s another thing to have affirmation by the community that ‘Yes, we want this thing.’”

Carla had started the kickstarter fund in september and things are already taking off. Carla Hall Southern Kitchen is set to open its doors in Manhattan 2015.