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I don’t ask for much in a steakhouse–just quality meat really. However, a steakhouse like STK gives me what I want and so much more–a swanky atmosphere, a plethora of other mouth-watering options that will make you second guess your steak order and more than enough room for you to have your own private party. Sounds perfect, right? It is!

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STK has a unique concept that artfully blends the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge into one–this is fine dining without feeling too fancy. You can put your elbows on the table here. You know what I mean! Sometimes when restaurants get too chic, they lose out on the quality of the food, instead of focusing on delivering the best in steak, tuna tartare, lobster rolls. STK takes special care of each dish and you can taste it.

Please forget about your carb restrictions and get the pull apart bread and cilantro oil. It will change your life. Look at it! It comes to the table no matter what, so you might as well indulge. The steaks are the juiciest I’ve ever had. There’s mac and cheese, and then there’s lobster mac and cheese and wow, STK makes the messiest, cheesiest, probably your new fave dish lobster mac and cheese I’ve ever had. Two of my fave things when it comes to food–truffles and fries. Put them together and your taste buds are ready to burst. So crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. It’s not fair.

Please, find your local STK and go. You won’t regret it. Your taste buds will love you forever.


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