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172258607According to Seeking Millionaire here are five-benefits of dating a successful-man –


One. Respect

A successful man does not get by in life by disregarding social etiquette and consideration. He knows how to achieve results, and how to treat a lady. Do yourself a favor and only date a gentleman. With a successful man you won’t have to demand respect, it just happens.

Two. Initiative

In most relationships, the woman does all the planning and follow through. Most men struggle with keeping up their end of the bargain, much less going out of there way to make the relationship work. A successful man is naturally driven, and will put in the work required to have a successful relationship. You won’t be taking care of him, or constantly forcing him to take initiative, he is organically wired to do so.

Three. Maturity

The average man struggles to have meaningful conversations with women. Beyond sex, sports and video games, he would rather keep the conversation superficial. But a successful man has more life experience and generally more to talk about than the average man. He likes to engage in conversation and share his experiences with the woman he is dating, less inclined to be annoyed by your inquiries.


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Source: Seeking Millionaire

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