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So, like everyone else I watch a great deal of reality television. Most people won’t admit it. Many are ashamed to reveal it! I am not. I have become a huge fan of the show. HUGE. It is the first show  that I have seen on television that promotes healthy holy courtship. I believe there are so many dangers and pitfalls to what our society deems as “normal” dating, that I really feel this show gives you a nice clean slate,

It Takes A Church, hosted by Natalie Grant  sets a fair stage for a couple to investigate a relationship. It does it in a tasteful and thoughtful way!

Viewers are 3 episodes in and already we can see the support of  pastors saying they want to participate!


There are a few great  reasons why I would love to be on ‘It Takes A Church’.

  1. You are getting choices within your faith background. I was once a member of  an online  christian dating site and was stunned into silence when a a member who claimed to be Christian berated my faith. I told him  I was not only devoutly Catholic, but had no intentions of  marrying outside my faith. He  chastised me as being “a fake” “unchurched” and “un-biblical“. The truth is that I was 100% clear in my preferences.  Yes, I know  this limits my pool, but it allows me to have a common base to start with.
  2. You know that the persons picked from the group understands your commitment to certain things. Your church family has watched you grow up and can see who and what you have become.  They also understand what your specific requirements are. One of them is that I would need someone who understands that I live a chaste life.. I wear a chastity ring on my left hand. I make no secret of it. I have chosen to wait until marriage.  I would never dishonor. It does not make me a boring old fuddy-duddy. Trust and believe, I have lived a  wonderfully fulfilled life.
  3. I want everyone in my home to live with the  same mantra: “As for me and my house  we serve  the Lord.” That’s not to say  that it means a life of perfection. It means that we are clear on life focus.
  4. My pastor’s pick  would be perfect because  he would have  my best interests at heart. He would pick a  man who would  know and follow certain precepts.
  5. I believe that the show gives a really good example of how to date and choose. It shows how a good introduction lays a foundation for marriage in that it allows a couple to develop many of the virtues and skills that they will need for a good marriage: self-discipline, self-sacrificing, patience, right judgment, discernment, open communication, trust, fortitude, perseverance, maturity, faith, hope and love (to name a few).

‘It Takes A Church shows that  a great start in the right perspective can build a solid  relationship. The other wonderful, entertaining  thing  is that  it is not a competition of elimination. It’s a search of engagement. The tasks are real life community tasks.The couples discover things about each other in safe healthy environments. The best part is that it celebrates adult searches. It triumphs people who have made  holy choices to be celibate, responsible and Godly. I know how lonely it can be and how hard it is for them to remain pure when they are desiring intimacy, especially considering that the men/women of a age seem to have little value for purity Entering into marriage following a pure and holy  relationship is, I believe, the best gift you can give to each other. Whatever your past (whether you’ve lived a pure life or not) you can begin today to choose purity and chastity. With every sacrifice you make to live a pure and holy life, you are storing up new treasures for your future marriage. The self-discipline and self-sacrificing that comes from the decision to live out purity and chastity will prepare you for the terrains of life.

Many editors have taken to their keyboards to type out their wish lists. A year and half ago one of our editors on our sister site NewsOne  Editor wrote a piece about a wonderful pice about what he was seeking in ‘Are You A Sophisti-Ratchet Sista? If So, Hit A Brotha Up’. I think it was about time the other half  had a voice!The best part about this show is that it shows that it is not impossible for a person in their later years to discover truly exciting, God-glorifying romance that is dynamic and satisfying.

So, having said all  that, I want my spot on the show! Now, I may be a real exceptional case, because we may have to do a search that is wide. I am in.

What  do you think? I am curious to hear back. Visit  our  facebook  page and tell me what you think.

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