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Ok so a few weeks ago i was aked to COme speak to a group of kids at Arlington Highschool . Fter talking to them i found out about this trip they were taking to skyzone after goin to a job fair but it was gonna cost them $300 to rent the bus plus the students had to pay for the skyzone trip and they were trying to raise the money for the entrance fee .. The teachers told me how they might get City Bus passes for the kids to get to the job fair and some kids might have to ride as many as 3 buses to get there.. Well i told the teacher if all the students had good grades ill make sure they got to where ever they needed to be on my Dime .. Well the students did what they was supposed to and i stood on my word .Check out this Video of the Kids and the program they represent … Shout out to all the students from Arlington highschool .. Shout out to Ill Hd for Filming and Mcdonalds for making sure all the kids ate … #SWIFTSKIDS


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