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Leslie Jones Weekend Update

According to NewsOne, comedian Leslie Jones is having a difficult Sunday after the reaction that she received to her “Super Slave” commentary on SNL‘s Weekend Update this weekend.

The skit fell flat immediately and to many it felt uncomfortable at best. It truly seemed as though Jones was pandering to the audience.

Says NewsOne,

“Jones joked that usefulness should be the new standard of beauty, setting up for the painfully embarrassing monologue that followed:

“The way we value Black beauty has changed. I’m single now, but back in the slave days, I would have never been single. I’m six feet tall and I’m strong. Look at me, I’m a Mandingo,” she said.

When Jones was asked by Jost, whom she called a “delectable Caucasian,” did she want to be a slave, she replied:

“I do not want to be a slave. I don’t like working for all you white people now and you pay me. But back in the slave days, my love life would have been better. Master would have hooked me up with the best brotha on the plantation and every nine months I’d be in the corner popping out super babies. I’d just keep popping them out. ShaqKobeLeBronKimbo SliceSinbad. I would be the number one slave draft pick. All of the plantations would want me” she said. “Now, I can’t get a brotha to take me out for a cheap dinner. Can a bitch get a beef bowl?!!””


Yeah…that happened. Take a look at the painful “comedy” below.



Jones got very upset and extra defensive over her reviews and took to her Twitter account to address all those dragging her for being a sellout or worse.



















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