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Kim is widely viewed as a woman who, along with her family, are shameless hustlers who have succeeded on one level but have also dragged pop culture down to nauseating levels of tackiness. Rightly or wrongly, this Vogue cover legitimizes a woman who many feel should not be held up as an example and should remain in her lane of dubious celebrity.

The overwhelmingly positive response to actress Lupita Nyong’o, who slayed global red carpets during her Oscar run, shows that many people still favor class over crass. Sadly for Vogue, who for years has set the trends instead of following them, elected for the latter over the former.

Will this cover be the ultimate demise of yet another iconic American brand? That’s yet to be seen. But we think it was a colossal misstep on Vogue’s part. For Kim and Kanye, it’s just another round of the media attention they’re both addicted to. For them, fame is a helluva drug.

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