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All the recent weather conditions have left many working parents in a serious bind.  What does a parent do with their children and their jobs when a 2 hour school delay is issued?

This issue can be especially difficult for two-income families and single parents, so a recent FOX59 report got some advice from online parenting magazine

Here’s some easy tips to help with those school delays:

1. Check with local YMCA Before and After School programs and At Your School programs to see what their policy is for drop ins.

There may be an option to register ahead of time and only use the program when you need it. At the same time, check on their delay and cancellation policy.

2. Get to know the other parents who have children at your neighborhood bus stop or who have children who attend school with your kids.

Create a community where you help out when you can and another parent can help out when you need it. Maybe take turns being late for work or missing work.

3. Talk to your child’s teacher or principal. They may have connections to resources that you are not aware of.

4. If they’re responsible, leave them alone if appropriate.

Indiana, like most other states, does not have a legal minimum age requirement but the Indiana Department of Child Services offers a great brochure resource for helping you decide if your child is ready.