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Keith Ablow also spoke out against Chaz Bono from “Dancing with the Stars” after his transgender surgery back in 2011.

Fox News’ trusty doctor, Keith Ablow, can always be counted on for sound medical advice. Now he’s saying that the whole idea of being transgender might be a myth.

Ablow wrote a column on Fox News’ website Tuesday in which he claimed that giving children the freedom to make gender decisions is “destructive” and “toxic.”

“I don’t see anything but toxicity from the notion of a person with female anatomy feeling free to use the urinal in the boys’ rest room while a boy stands next to her and uses one, too,” Ablow wrote.

Ablow was responding to the California bill that allows transgender youth to use whatever bathroom and join whichever sports team they feel matches their gender identity.


Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post

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