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The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for central Indiana from 1 a.m. Sunday to 1 a.m. on Monday. During this time, snowfall totals are expected to hit six or more inches with drifting being a potential problem due to strong winds. Wind chills are expected to be 30 – 40 degrees below zero!

Here are some tips to keep you safe and warm during the winter storm:

  1. Although it’s best to stay inside, if you must travel, keep a flashlight, food, water, extra warm clothes in your car and let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll arrive.
  2. If you become stranded while traveling, don’t send one person out for help. Stay together.
  3. If you go outside, wear several layers of loose fitting clothing and water resistant garments.
  4. Bring all pets inside.
  5. Have a stash of extra blankets and clothes in case the power goes out. Stay in one room to keep all of the heat in one area.
  6. Have extra supplies including a first aid kit, batteries, matches, candles, water and food.
  7. Store extra water. One good way to do this is to clean out the bathtub and then fill it with water.
  8. To prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, turn off the main water supply and open all faucets.
  9. Be prepared to light the fireplace or even get a backup a generator.
  10. If the power does go out, never light a coal stove or grill in the house.
  11. Stay hydrated and get plenty of food.
  12. If you have an elderly neighbor, check on him/her before the storm has started.
  13. Relax and have fun. Enjoy spending some time with your family playing games, watching movies and talking.


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